Selling a high-earning website? Think it through and get Expert advice FIRST

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Once up on a time, I practiced law protecting offenders (alleged) and helping people navigate the divorce mine field.

I actually liked family law. Lots of attorneys can not endure it, but I did not mind it.

It’s solving enormous problems for real people.

The disadvantage is divorce usually causes another major set of difficulties, atleast at the brief term.

These days lots of people that would like to divorce, so don’t do it because they can not take action.

This is the significant divorce issue:

Many people have too much money and at precisely the same time perhaps not enough to get divorced.

How can that be?

Many folks fall into this dilemma.

They truly are middle class people that own a home, involve some retirement savings, earn decent wages, etc.. Usually, they bought just as much house as they could that means a significant mortgage.

To maintain the Joneses, many tacks on a line of credit and/or 2 and mortgage. After all, the 15-year-old kitchen looked like crap and everybody else prefers a yearly Hawaiian vacation.

So while their home is worth a lot, there isn’t much equity.

Together they will cover the bills and take care of the life style.

Besides as in divorced, there is absolutely no way both may maintain that life. In order to keep the home, one party has to buy the other out. Because there is not much equity in it, neither party in their qualifies to borrow sufficient capital to purchase from the home.

So selling your house and splitting up whatever assets and cash are left. Usually that leaves both parties with not enough income to each buy an identical house at exactly the exact same location.

This compels both parties to go to another area which leads to longer commutes, a new school for children and/or down sizing. All of which can be undesirable.

These days, more and more people faced with this particular outcome opt to not get divorced, atleast for the time . They stick out it. The effects are too awful.

Folks without a money don’t face this dilemma because they have nothing to lose.

Folks with tons of money do not have this problem because when they divide up, split the assetsthey have enough to keep up the exact same standard of living. Both may buy a brand new house in the exact identical area, etc..

The lion’s share of folks collapse in the issue.

I have seen it lots of times.

The similar problem does occur with business partnerships.

Business ventures fall apart when there’s too much money or even maybe not enough.

When the cash is pouring in, greed rolls in at precisely the exact same rate. Disagreements mount. Partners end up hating each other. They dissolve the partnership and the whole thing disappears. On occasion the sale profits are a lot both partners find yourself rich, but often it is not enough for the to have financial security.

That which was a good issue is up in smoke.

On the reverse side, many spouses realize if they divide, the buyout process is so costly it might be ruinous therefore they really place it out working together while hating eachother.

Why am I rambling on about such dismal matters?

Because selling resources, regardless of reason, can often set you into a worse position than you were before.

Selling resources requires very careful consideration.

Take selling a internet site as a case.

Successful web sites seem as they are worth a lot of money (30+X income) but too often it is not enough.

It’s too much in that you believe selling is a excellent idea because life will soon be so much sweeter with this lump sum of money.

For example, suppose you have a internet site earning $14,285 per month.

You have a sweet gig going, but it takes daily energy to keep it chugging along. You like the work. It beats a 9to5, however every morning you wake up you consider the huge quantity of money you can receive if you sell.

You do the math and also to a surprise that is pleasant, you realize if you obtain 35X monthly income you can sell it for $500,000.

Wow! That’s like winning the lottery. Sounds like life-changing money, also it might be, but for lots of individuals, it’s inadequate for real monetary security.

You could pay off your mortgage, student loans, cars, jetskis, gaming debts… basically be debt free.

If you have no debt you can travel the world, play with video games daily — do anything you need… for some time.

Without thinking it through, you list your site and sell it inside 2 weeks.

The 500 large hits your bank account a week later.

You are rich, so you think.

You naturally blow 10 large on a trip. Another 30 large on an automobile. Put a deposit on a home.

Things are searching until your accountant informs you that you owe $150K in taxes.


Luckily, you did not spend all of it. You cover the $150K in taxes.

You do the math. This will last just 3 more years, which is living economical.

What looked like a lottery windfall netted you a mortgage, a trip, a car, a few time off, a significant tax bill and now a ton of pressure.

It’s time to get to work.

You should make the journey to work because if you really don’t, you’re going to need a 9 to 5.

Fortunately, if you learn just how to construct up niche/affiliate websites, you’re able to do pretty well in three years.

You can not help regretting stopping the $14K a month that you were earning, which required 4 years to achieve.

You can’t enter exactly the same niche you’re in since you signed a non-compete, and that means you have to choose something fresh.

This saga could wind up really nicely with a brand new site earning tens of thousands of thousands a month in three years or really awful with a worthless site and forced to get a 9 to 5.

If it ends poorly, in order to prevent a 9 to 5, you borrow $50K to buy by a year ago.

You’re swinging for the fences.

You either sink or float.

If you sink, you’re presently in the gap $50K.

What sounded like a terrific idea proves to become a potential disaster.

Before you make big moves that seriously affect finances permanently, get some expert information.

This consists of selling a site that generates a fantastic monthly income.

Obviously, there’s always danger dangling on a site. It could become useless later on.

Every site is one Google algo upgrade from being unworthy. I obtained a $150K deal on a site 2 months before Google Penguin obliterated it. Yeah, I loathed not attempting to sell.

Yet another factor is future taxation consequences.

By way of instance, in Canada, capital profits are taxed far lower than income. It’s a mechanism to boost investing. It works.

But now, in an effort to chip away at the run-away government shortage (nevermind the exploding debt), there are rumblings that the capital gains exemption could disappear.

When I sell a site, the purchase proceeds is recognized as a capital profit.

That means there’s a good argument for attempting to sell internet web sites now to take advantage of this present capital gain exemption.

In other words, tax impacts and implications could also function as an impetus to sell now instead of hold and grow.

On the flip side, I almost sold my biggest market for $800K years back. Given this site is worth $2 million and pumps out a ton of earnings.

I can not tell you what to do, but that I will imply that no matter what you are doing, get qualified advice, consider the taxation implications and carefully look at the long-term consequences.

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