The Dessert Tray Approach to Blogging and Niche Blog Content

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Fun times. It turned out to be a major bash.

I tried to be the most effective as the decent servers receive the best tables that attract the best guests. They make a good deal more in tricks too.

The best guests are those who love 3 courses and copious amounts of booze.

They kick off with a cocktail to unwind, enjoy a tasty appetizer using a craft beer, follow their meal with a jar of wine and wrap up the feast with a dessert and Grand Marnier

To protect against fainting that they dictate a round of booze-ladened coffees.

The heavy-hitters subsequently knock back a round or two of expensive scotches.

That’s a $500 to $1,000+ table.

20% trick is 100 to $200 just for delivering food and booze.

Sadly not all of tables are like that.

On the flip side, you’ll find families with small children. Children’ meals cost $6. Parents MIGHT have just one drink. No appetizers are ordered because children will not continue that long.

Parents have a 30 to 45-minute window until the children go nuts.

The entire charge maybe $60. 15 percent tip is $9. Parents with young kiddies are not usually rolling in dough nor do they will have the company Amex. A 15% tip is ample in their novels.

These days when I go to restaurants I am dining table no 2. I am currently the very table I didn’t like, although I am a good tipper because I have worked in the industry. The irony.

But I heard a trick to upsell any dining table for a second $20 to $40+. Including parents with young kids.

And this is the dessert tray.

I am surprised that a lot of restaurants do not do so.

It’s really so simple.

As opposed to only suggesting a dessert at the close of the meal, once plates were cleared, I pulled a glorious dessert tray with our desserts on it.

I’d place it next to the table.

Every Eye Ball at the desk has been glued onto it.

Without skipping a beat, I’d launch in my 30-second dessert sales page briefly describing each dessert.

I sold numerous desserts it had been ridiculous.

Once you hook a table to stay for dessert, purchasing coffees as well as perhaps more booze is child’s play.

This trick was especially cruel for their parents with small children. Prove children desserts and it is mayhem until parents neglect. If parents say no, it becomes ugly.

Boom! In seconds I added $20 to $40+ to this charge.

I became such a fan of the dessert that I would get in to work first and prepare it myself.

I am not especially decorative, but I was meticulous in preparing this specific thing. I would use linens and prepare each dessert myself thus that the full thing was stunning. A work of art.

The 15 minutes I spent in preparing the dessert paid well. If I functioned 12 tables with a mean of 3 guests per table, that’s 3 6 guests to the night. If I sold 1 2 desserts and coffees in $10 per, that’s $120. Recommendations about this $120 were 20 +.

While that doesn’t look like a whole lot of money, for a college kid, $20 in the’90s was wonderful.

Hardly Any Folks buy desserts from a sticky brochure near the pepper and salt shakers

Fewer buy desserts from a host meekly asking”does anybody need sausage tonight?”

Lots of people buy desserts once you plunk a gorgeous dessert tray in front of them.


It’s the older advertising ploy of”show, do not tell.”

Food photography can be really just a huge business for valid reasons. Mouthwatering photos of food.

Even my 8-year old kid notices that images of food on commercials look way better than the actual dishes.

How does this apply to people with niche content websites?

In many ways.

Pictures: Use them. Not just do put in a good deal of great visual advice on articles nevertheless they also add digital space to get more ads. Big win.

Product pictures: I utilize AMZ Image Plug in. Any time that I mention a specific solution, I insert an Amazon image by having an affiliate link into the merchandise. From the captionI state something similar to”click image for more info” or”click image for pricing”.

Even better, when possible, take your product photos and hyper link them to Amazon or anything retailer sells it. Or just place a button on the graphics with an affiliate link.

Composing: Publish content which educates in interesting ways such as personal stories, experiences, examples, and case studies. This relates to any material — reviews, informational articles (not always applicable), mails, etc.. )

For instance, I’m demonstrating that the show, do not tell concept by a good example in my waiting tables days in this particular email . IMO, this email is more interesting with my stories of selling desserts than if I simply kicked off by”you need to show, not to tell…”

Displays and charts: when you’ve got some data, whether it’s very good to add it in the text of your essay, take a few additional minutes to develop a visual chart or chart. It is free and fast to perform with Google Sheets. Not only can these add more digital distance for advertisements and make for a greater user experience, but also additional web sites will rip off them and link for you.

Screenshots: It is 1 thing I would like to state how much revenue my niche websites earn and also a totally different thing to show screen shots. Seeing the numbers in an ad account produces a big impact (plus serves as proof). Screen shots simply take seconds and add so much value. You May Use Screen Shots to get

Programs, recipes, applications…

I print tutorials, recipes, software articles across my niche sites. I use graphics and screenshots for them all. Without such imagery, these articles would not be good or nearly as hot (or sell as well).

Do I show, not tell as much as I really can?

It Depends. I am very good at including product and images graphics in content. I’ve got it as part of my personal system.

Sadly, maybe perhaps not with respect to each of writing. I could do one day I expect to accomplish more.

One day, I really hope to own the funding where every single article I print is a masterpiece of design. I’m striving to grow revenue to where this may be potential. For some articles I write, I really do so. Regrettably, not all of writers get it.

If you should be writing your own content, put in enough time to lift your articles by revealing and not only telling.

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