What exactly is it about blogging which arouses joy for you personally? The most bizarre question, no?

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Bear in Mind the Marie Kondo fad?

She is the decluttering expert with the best-selling book”Spark Joy”.

She eventually became an instant celeb in 20-19. Checkout the Google Trends graph for”Spark joy”.

Her catchphrase is”does it spark joy?

That’s exactly what you are likely to ask yourself when deciding if to maintain something or throw it out (or set it on Craigslist, give away, etc.).

Every thing which doesn’t spark joy has togo.

Guess what?

I love this test.

Many material I’ve is crap. I actually don’t make use of it. I really don’t love it.

I have to admit a whole great deal of what I have will not spark happiness.

It’s a challenging threshold to match.

It reminds me of the legal maxim”guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

That is clearly a gigantic brink for prosecutors to crosscountry.

Courts have interpreted it to mean”without uncertainty”. That really is good. Nevertheless, innocent people continue to be found guilty.

Back to igniting joy.

It’s not just related to jumble and crap.

It relates to things we perform and time.

Just as we have limited space within our houses, we’ve limited energy and time.

How we use that energy and time is essential.

Now, I’m not naive to think every waking moment might be more joyous. It’d be fine but everybody else must do things they don’t really desire to really do. It’s known as life.

Additionally, while I don’t like clutter in my own home, I’m perhaps not literally likely to toss everything that doesn’t ignite joy. I’d wind up getting nothing.

However, my list of things that spark joy is not short. In reality, I put one together in the P.S. section. It’s more than I thought it’d be. How does it compare to your list?

The sparking joy test with respect to your internet business (or any business) is fairly easy to employ.

Time can be a scarce product. We simply have a lot of it (unless you’re a non-dualist along the lines of Nisargadatta, but I will leave that for another conversation ).

When you can pick from two job tasks, pick the one which sparks more joy.

Like time, your power is bound too.

Joyous tasks don’t drain energy.

If you’re just starting out, you must do all of it, both the happiness and the pain.

As the money grows, you reach enjoy choices.


  • Would you want to write on a specific topic or send it to some writer?
  • Do you want to create the hooks or send it to some graphic designer?
  • Do you want to Develop an Instagram after or a YouTube following?

We can barely perform all of it.

Thus we have to choose.

Everything else being equal, you could also choose what sparks more joy.

Again, I’m not too naive to feel that we need to be in a position to only pursue joyous activities.

If something sparks joy, are you good in it?

No. Often we’re proficient at the stuff we all enjoy however, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we are proficient at the stuff we like.

I love ski but I’m not very good. Much like tennis, Mario Kart, and virtually of what I really do.

Likewise, just because you’re good at something, doesn’t indicate it sparks joy.

I am good at writing product reviews, but it will not spark joy. I am good at washing dishes by hand (I ought to say fast, which is good in my books), however it doesn’t ignite happiness. I am great at digging ditches, but that will not ignite joy.

Which is the reason, if you can, opt to concentrate on tasks that you will be both good at and arouses joy.

Just how do you understand if you are good?

You may be thinking that this is a dumb question, however, it’s maybe not. On the surface, you might think”well of course I know whether I”m good at something. You only understand.”

Certainly not.

I could really go play tennis with a whole lot of beginners and it appears I’m good because I beat them. But at the big scheme of tennis, I am awful.

With online work, we’re blessed as we are able to track results quickly that will be generally an adequate mark of if we’re proficient in it.

I had sooner base whether I am good at something from data than what I presume.

In case you post articles to face book and 30 percent of those get viral traffic, it’s safe to assume you are good at penning click bait articles that operates on social.

If you amass two million YouTube readers and maintain a higher subscriber view rate, it’s safe to say you are good at making videos and directing a YT channel.

If you become over 1 million visitors into some niche internet site, it’s safe to say you are a good niche site publisher.

If you draw new freelance clients via word-of-mouth, you are obviously good at whatever freelance job that you do.

Sometimes you need to drill

As an example, I happen to get well over 1.5 million monthly traffic to my niche websites. Overall, I’m pretty good at publishing niche websites. I’m not the best but I am satisfied with those benefits.

However, I’m bad in all elements of publishing niche websites. I am not fine with graphic designing or communicating or numbing spelling mistakes. I do not hold myself out as an SEO.

I just happen to be good at a couple of tasks that actually make it function. Those activities are keyword research and assigning content methodically. I am also fine at site architecture and afew other on site search engine optimization hints.

I do not do much beyond this.

Fortunately, that is all it requires differently I would be hooped.

This Long in the Tooth, directionless email boils down to the following:

As much as possible, limit your company activities to what you enjoy doing (arouses pleasure ), are good in and that get results.

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